Sunday, June 21, 2009

east meats west

Yes, I meant "meats", but I don't know why.

I have not written in nearly 6 months. Maybe it's the solstice that drives me to type today, but i know I have been too busy to concern myself with this hidden drivel.

I am taking an online workshop on East Asian studies. One professor seems anxious that I have not completed my written work, which is not due for another 3 weeks, and has apparently questioned my professional integrity and commitment to the program. This really, really, pisses me off, as I have purposely designated the next two weeks to focus entirely on this endeavor. I think he just wants everything turned in early so he can get on with his summer.

But what really upsets me, I think, is that my integrity would be questioned. Although I may not have that much, I do cherish what little I have.

But perhaps the past four years of Webb's administration have caused me to question professional integrity on a grand scale, and this little communication from an instructor just picks at that wound.

But today is Solstice Day, and Father's Day, and I celebrate my Parents, Family, Mother Sun and Mother Earth.

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