Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Field Trip

Tomorrow we are going to hear my friend Wayne White speak at MTSU. He's an accomplished artist, set designer, puppeteer, sculptor, great guy.
On the way we will take a "tour of homes" of local artists Sherri Warner Hunter, Russ Faxon, J.L. Nippers, and Elder Jones. Just drive by and look, not much time to stop and chat. After MTSU we will head to Nashville to the Frist, and if time allows, the galleries of Fisk University.

Monday, October 27, 2008

reality hits

tonight is paper grading. no time to ramble. this thing is ALREADY starting to fray...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foggy headed.

The lack of sleep does strange things to an old body. It takes a while to catch up with yourself.

A record of disjointed thoughts:

We very seldom really "stick it to the 'man'". The "man" sticks it to himself. We sometimes cannot help, or have an obligation, to point at the self inflicted wound.

In spring the birds in the hollow sing their hearts out, all at once. There is only their need to sing. Even though it is rowdy and cacophonous, it is still beautiful.

Somehow this blog is a compromise between my strong desire to be noticed and my other strong desire to fade into the woods unnoticed.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I already know that this blog will begin as a series of more or less lengthy rambles, become tattered and frayed with time, and then disappear altogether, just as all things organic.

It is only fair that if I require my students to keep a journal, I should keep one myself. But, it is nice to not be the student, and to not face this as a requirement.

I am sleepy from having stayed up all night for a school activity, a lock in for middle school students facilitated by upper school students who advocate and live drug and alcohol free lives.

I just learned that a dear student fell asleep on his way home this morning, and crashed his car. He was flown by helicopter to Vanderbilt, but his Volvo and good seat belt habits surely helped in that although he was tumbled about as he smashed through the telephone pole and rolled his car several times, he only received a cut on his head and scraped hand.

The ideas that I was having as I walked with my dogs in the woods this lovely fall afternoon before I received the phone call about my dear young friend seem so trivial in the weight of today's potential tragedy and the actual blessing to still have him with us.

I know that I will add them later, but right now I need to think a bit.