Sunday, December 21, 2008

Soltice Day

Even though I returned from 4 days of backpacking last night, did not get to bed until 2A.M., and did not get to sleep until even later, I woke with a start at daybreak this morning and could not get back to sleep.

I looked out the window to see the flock of robins in the trees. The dog barked and a dozen or so turkeys were in the yard. They crept up the hill and one flew up and back over the trees. Turkeys look funny in the air.

I filled the bird feeder with seed and admired the multitude of persimmons on the tree and on the ground, and praised the Morning, and think of dear friends who will be married later today.

I think how happy I am of this and realize the subtle dark difference that has been creeping into my outlook as the days have grown shorter, and how I lately tend to think in paranoid cycles, so I promptly ate my zoloft and a big chunk of ginseng.


This Winter Solstice reminds me of this past year, and my intense focus on what could be pagan practice. It just seems that whatever Is, Is. Simple as that.

What if Jesus was really just using Heaven as a metaphor for the future days of one's physical life; the Father the mysterious Creative Forces; the Son our physical bodies, and the Holy Spirit as our Intuition?


I wonder why there is relative silence surrounding the "Burning Man meets Charlie Brown's Christmas" program. Is is just too crappy to be worth the time, too strange to worry about, or am I just trying to place external importance on something that should have remained an internal idea?

I am not finished though.

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